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Here is how our guarantee works:

  1. We send you a disk with digital images of all the slides you sent.
  2. We bill you for all the slides.  The bill is due in 10 days.
  3. You review the digital images, and see that there are a few that are not satisfactory.
  4. You tell us that you found xx unsatisfactory photos
  5. We refund you what you paid for the xx unsatisfactory photos.

We ask that you review the photos within 60 days, and inform us if there are any unsatisfactory digital images.  We hope that you will be happy with all of our photo scanning, slide scanning, photo to DVD and CD, or slide to DVD and/or CD services, but we understand that we cannot always meet everyone’s expectations.

We will do our very best to meet all of your photo needs!  However, under the event that we do not meet your expectations, we will absolutely give you your money back if you would like a refund. We hope to keep your business, but we understand if you feel that we did not meet your needs. Our apologies if any instance like this occurs with our photo-digitizing services.